Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Letters - THE NATIONAL - Lifts to carry pedestrians to safety

Dear Sirs,

This is an interesting topic which I have vehemently followed since the time this new innovation was installed. I read with interest the progressive measures planned by the authorities. My concern is how many incidents will have to be watched or heard till the time it is implemented. In fact even this morning, I witnessed with utmost shock the passage of an employee to one of the offices in Abu Dhabi Mall, talking on the mobile ignoring the ongoing truck traffic. The driver and luckily other drivers had enough time to respond and a fatality was avoided. I strongly feel that the delay to ongoing truck traffic by reducing the flow duration will be minimal as the traffic flow is not that heavy when compared to other areas. In addition, the longer the duration of the signal in front of the mall for traffic, the higher the tendency to speed up for cars and many times the stretch from Beach Rotana to Le Meridien Hotel looks like a racing track for some. Several attempts to highlight this danger has been responded lightly despite of clear conviction by every one that there is danger waiting out there. Some emergency measures should be taken as this is one of the busiest and most heavily used pedestrian crossing in the city, and that too in front of the most frequented mall by the youth. I hope we are pro-active to a danger rather than reactive to one, after it happens.

In reference to Mr. Bowler's comments on this dangerous crossing, as regular viewer of things happening out there, I feel it will be impossible to post police or specially trained guards on 24 hrs duty. Because, many times, I have seen police warden fining those who cross carelessly and the moment they move from there, the process repeats. However, countdown time is an option, which could be tested, as it will give them a definite time to wait.

Best regards,
Ramesh Menon
Abu Dhabi

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