Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with Team 1 - Rashmi Vijayan

An Inspiring Moment shared (AIMs) with Team 1 - Rashmi Vijayan
My motto in life is not to let any of the obstacles that come in my life take the smile I carry on my face...

The smile I love spreading onto everyone else in my life. There have been incidents in my life where I may have thought that everything and everyone has failed me...but then I gain consciousness to the situation and understand that those are mere obstacles trying to stress me out...worry me unnecessarily and is bound to keep me unhappy, if I let them affect me. So I simply don't!

If I am unhappy...my loved ones are unhappy too. So why trouble them when all I need to do is focus on my work, keep my goals clear in mind, and maintain a calm inner body.

That way no matter what tries to push me down...I'll take care of it tactfully and by no means would I allow it to take me away from the "Happy Me".

What keeps me going is a doze of one song out of my favourites before I go to sleep... it keeps me in a good spirit all through the next day!

Rashmi Vijayan, a Post graduate student of Broadcast Communication is a promising singer with her base in UAE . Singing is her passion, and already she has proved her merit by reaching the final rounds of various music reality shows like Amrita TV Super Star Global, Zee TV Saregamapa Middle East Muqabala and Indian Idol 3. Her talent was rightly noticed by famous music directors from South India including renowned director M Jayachandran who gave her opportunity to sing in two recently released Malayalam movies, the songs of which became an instant hit among the youth. She likes to interact with people and oozes out positive energy and is talked about as the future Usha Uthup from Dubai. Rashmi lives in Sharjah with her parents Vijayan and Ragini.

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