Saturday, February 14, 2009

World Recession Day - 15 February

World Recession Day - 15 February

Why not? Just suddenly this thought came to me. Many are affected by recession and joining the un-employment group. Even then, crazy about these artificially created days, we tend to explore the width and breadth of our purse and credit/debit cards - just for the sake of it. An article written by Sri Joy Mathews of Amrita TV in his blog, prompted me to create this special day tomorrow. Enjoy and celebrate World Recession Day tomorrow.

Do we need these special occasions to remember our mother, father, children and loving wife? It is a daily affair and it should be the case.

So, wish your friend, relative, brother and sister a Happy World Recession Day tomorrow – 15 February. A warning of the realities of things happening around and a siren of the alarming economically tougher days ahead till the global situation is accustomed and worked over by all.

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  1. happy to know that my article inspired you to create the idea of announcing feb 15th,the recession day