Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amrita TV Super Talent - Peter from Cochin on Mouth Organ

Amrita TV Super Talent - Peter from Cochin

Mr. Peter (Peter chettan as we can affectionately call him) was one of the contestants in the 2nd round of Amrita TVs Super Talent reality show. Opting to perform using a mouth organ, he did present an excellent effort considering his age, limited opportunities, and shows he has presented. At the end, he also proved that Talents could not be tied down, whatever be the circumstances, there will be an opportunity one fine day, somewhere destined for a talented artist who keeps on practising and nurturing his / her skills. I always call it "Playing in the mind" and this is one example of such a talent. Not worried about his exit, as he stated, and now that he has become one of the available SUPER TALENTS, may his creative skills improve with each opportunity he gets from now on. As one of the judge Sri Mukesh rightly said, this is also an opportunity for the instrument "Mouth Organ" to come into spot light once again and may this exhibition of talent and skill bring out many artists, irrespective of their age to learn, practise and promote this handy instrument.

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