Friday, February 13, 2009

Towards and cleaner and healthier environment

Vow!! What a nice view. You must be thinking while looking at the picture immediately below. It was taken from the newly built pedestrian bridge on a Friday morning as soon as it was installed for the use of residents in Tourist Club Area Abu Dhabi.

A casual walk that morning, and it's beauty did not last long. I was really shocked to see the amount of garbage thrown on top of it.

Garbage items thrown carelessly everywhere. How is it possible to create an un-healthy environment so soon. That was my question? A few days passed and I found the amount of garbage increasing. As always, reacting to such issues, I tried to contact the relevant authorities. It didn't turn out to be a waste of effort.

Report in Gulf News - Your Turn community report page.

In an hours time after my email to the Abu Dhabi Municipality authority, the area was totally clean and they were reciprocative to my added request of initiating appropriate guidelines and notices to warn general public of use and misuse.


It is a different view altogether and happier environment for the public. All the more, we know now, you are live and respond to the well being of the residents.

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  1. I think Dubai already got their standard high for maintaining road management better , they are taking always better ways to build better environment