Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pathan's attack on Sri Lanka

Pathan brothers created a historical win for India in todays T20 match against Sri Lanka. Or this historical moment was created long long ago when Yousuf Pathan (November 17, 1982) and Irfan Pathan (October 27, 1984) were born. Watching the match today, I strongly felt and as it proved or re-assured myself, while history is that item in our life which is written and meant to be read later on, destiny is what we create our self. The terrorist act of these two Pathans (this is what the Sri Lankans will have to say tonight) on the Sri Lankan pitch today was one thing that they carved out. Strong conviction to win the game and never budge attitude changed the course of action when things were looking extremely bad from Indian teams perspective this evening. Yousuf Pathan came out and played once again what Dhoni expected him to do and trusted him to do keeping his calm and cool self, and playing along with him, Irfan Pathan quickly improved himself to a greater height of perfection making us believe that hitting sixes are as simple as what he was doing tonight. Probably this moment of history was pre-written the moment they both were born to their proud parents. Let this momentum continue. Chak De India, objective of the Team and the country is more important than self.

Fittingly Dhoni concluded his post-match press statement by saying "It is not enough by having talent. It has to be tempered - International cricket is not just about talent. It's what you do with it." In a way, this statement is applicable in every field of life.

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