Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vote for the “OUTSTANDING PROJECT” - Think Science Award

Total is a Connect Partner of Emirates Foundation since 2006. Think Science competition, an initiative of Emirates Foundation,  entailed participation of more than 640 youth who developed and executed 235 scientific projects intended for community benefits and industrial investments.
The projects were evaluated and judged by around 60 Judges of PhD holders specialized in S&T, calibers and experts from S&T industry, and accordingly the 1st place winners of each category were selected. This year, 2 New Awards have been introduced, based on the voting of calibers from industry and public sectors specialized in science and engineering and they are Think Science 2016 Public Sector Award and Think Science 2016 Industry Sector Award.
Please note that you can vote only for ONE project out of the 44, and experts from each organization/company can vote based on the following secondary criteria like The originality of the idea, The level of innovation of the project, The social impact of the project (Project contributes to solving a community or environmental issue), The potential for the business to sustain itself financially (Project can be developed and commercialized), The level of scalability, The level of safety in application, The sustainability and use of natural material readily available locally.
Voting will close on Monday, May 16th and seek your support in encouraging the contestant with your vote.
(+Click here to vote).

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