Saturday, February 15, 2014

Disciplined life - Gulf Today - Short Take - Dt. 15 February 2014

Disciplined life

During my recent visit to Bangalore, I was lucky to be with a close family friend and her mother. She had just lost her father.

After the rituals got over, she had brought her mother to stay with her at Bangalore rather than be at their village house in a faraway place. Just to bring her back to normal life, we decided to take her for a short drive one evening.

On our way, the talk revolved around her late father.

I realised from her and her mother a lot of things that one should emulate in life. Although in good health till he met with an accident, he was farsighted and had maintained a systematic life.

He was keeping a diary and had written even minute details of all things, including his financial dealings in it. He had also listed down in detail all the investments he had made for the family. Surprisingly, a few weeks before he had also made a will and had correctly nominated his wife and children to their respective rights and reserves.

Unfortunately, fate had its own way and it proved handy for his family when he passed away in short time.

Although they lost him, they never felt struck for any important matters related to the day-to-day running of the family because of his systematic way of life. It was visible from the full gratitude and expression of that elderly lady during her reminiscences of her ex-husband and life with him.

To live and leave this world peacefully without causing any trouble to anyone is really a blessing.

Ramesh Menon
Short Take - Gulf Today - Dt. 15 February 2014

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