Saturday, June 15, 2013

No Thanks - Gulf Today - Short Take - 15 June 2013

No thanks

During a recent visit to India, I happened to meet a group of hospital staff who work at the intensive care unit of a prominent hospital. 

Always alert and attentive to take maximum care of the patients who arrive there, they all projected a high level of human kindness and positive attitude.

Patients arrive in all shapes and conditions of health, and the staff individually and as a group work day and night with a smile till those whom they attended get back to life and walk back to their home as normal as he or she can.

One day, a senior doctor who was in charge of the emergency and trauma unit told me that out of 10 patients who get discharged, we get a thank you from 1 or maximum 2. They do not even utter a word of appreciation or happiness on what they received all the time they were in. This specially when the majority of the patients are young, well-educated and working for high-end companies.

This is a question I myself ask several times these days with many recent incidents of heavy pay and free flow of money to jobs and sports derailing our modern youth. Is it that elevation to high paying jobs at a young age make our youth forget basic human values and social responsibilities?
Ramesh Menon

Gulf Today Dt. 15 June 2013 

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