Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Crossing is waiting for a tragedy - wish the railway / authorities open their eyes before it is too late

This Crossing is waiting for a tragedy - wish the railway / authorities open their eyes before it is too late

(in picture showing a lady carrying provisions trying to find her way between stopped goods train at Whitefield railway crossing, Bangalore)

I have written here earlier too about the need for a pedestrian overbridge at the Whitefield railway crossing. It is labelled clearly by the railway authorities that "Trespassing is prohibited". But it looks like there ends there (Railway's) responsibility. When they built the flyover and closed this railway gate permanently, they never thought options for the public to:

- reach the railway station from the bus station side conveniently - other than to go over the 1 kms approximately lengthy bridge and come down and then reach across

- to install necessary street light for public

- to consider the huge number of public who rely that route mainly to reach the bus station, railway station from both sides and the ashram and market and shopping area and residential area situated on one side of the gate.

- never ever thought about the elderly or rather even young who has to go across two or even three waiting trains, which can move any time when the pass underneath them

- or even never ever thought about the public who has to go past the railway track which is often made filthy by the excretory output from the passing train

The sad thing is that this case is made aware to the legislator, railway authorities, electricity board, bus terminal authorities and even police. It looks like someone somewhere is competing with the other as to who will make the first step to solve this issue.

The day is not too far, when we will get to hear a tragedy of someone getting run over by a starting train, which has stopped when they tried to move down under.

I really pity everyone for this plight, especially the elders and sick, when even young find it difficult to cross over.

Hope this post and the photo and the video in the attached link (as I cannot post videos here) open the eyes of general public who uses this route and the authorities to find immediate solution to resolve this issue and build a flyover to have safe journey across, and install necesary and sufficient lighting on both sides.

I tried my best efforts to alert all concerned about this danger several times, and look forward to added assistance from Praja members and general public to resolve this.

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