Monday, August 15, 2011

Asianet TV Munch Star Singer Junior Winner 2011 - who is the real winner?

Asianet TV Munch Star Singer Junior Winner 2011 -  who is the real winner?

I consider myself as very lucky to have watched the final of Asianet TV Munch Star Singer Junior Winner 2011 yesterday, 14th August 2011, which turned out to be a REALity show in REAL.

What made the final interesting to me and blessed is the speech by Mr. Jagathy Srikumar. He was opportunistic and at his witty and pointed best to hit at several facts and factors involved in the reality show scenario happening these days.

The way he talked may be found unacceptable to many, but facts are facts. Even, the person he attacked on stage openly, the talented Ranjini Haridas, acknowledged herself, "yes I asked for it" at the end of his speech.

But, what made more real in this reality show of its kind making it extremely special was the appeal by the winner Adarsh, to have his father united with his mother, who both living separate currently. The union of both of them were more important for this boy than the 50 lakhs worth of flat he just received!.  Children are precious and those who are involved in such painful parting only will realize the pain involved. His appeal was made such in a way that it left several questions towards children of his status and those who were involved and tried or not to create a similar situation.

It also proved that we should never judge people by appearance as well as never judge or humiliate any contestant by mocking him / her.

Jagathi Srikumar was opportunistic and open to say the real truth. Congratulations to you sir and for talking the facts boldly and openly. Oru aana madham pottan thayyarayittulla oru avastha thankalil avide akshamanaayi irikkumbol kandirunnu. athu ingane aanu pottuka ennu maathram arinjilla. Actually, Jagathy Sirkumar should have been the one to give the winners prize. Jayaram and Jagathi were sitting next to next as if they were not known to each other.

May god bless all the talented artists who participated in the show, who aim for such prizes in the future. Who is the winner here? – Adarsh, other contestants, Jagathy (who took opportunity to vent his feelings), Ranjini Haridas (who took it in a sportive way and carried over – hope she innovate her style and come out with more better presentation techniques)?

Hope Ranjini Haridas now learn it in the right sense and Nazrin do not get carried away learning from her. Whether the speech was required or not required is not the question here? End of the day it was an eye opener to many. It became a real REALITY SHOW, with the appeal from Adarsh to his father to unite. The pain of a child of 16 years even after winning a 50 lakhs worth flat - he is longing for his parental union and love. Blessings and regards to all those contestants - You all are winners.

Ramesh Menon

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