Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Rex Band

At some point in all of our lives
Jesus became music to our ears....

Taking their name from the King of kings, Jesus, the band fuses together a host of music styles including elements of Indian classical and folk music as well as other popular sounds of the younger generation to evolve its own style of contemporary Christian music

The Band

Over 25 professionals active in various fields with a distinctive talent in music dare to call themselves The Rex Band in honor of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Experiencing the joy of liberating Christian Music themselves, the band came together with a commitment to take this gift of quality Contemporary Christian Music and it's message to the new generation.

The Music

With musicians from such varied backgrounds like Indian classical or western classical to rock, pop and rap, the band has evolved a unique style over the past ten years. A rich mix of various streams of music and its trademark fusion tracks. Not surprisingly, The Rex Band has opened up new and ethnic elements in Contemporary Christian Music in India.

The Roots

Evolving out if a life-changing encounter with Jesus through the Jesus Youth movement, the band members are comfortable in using styles of the younger generation to reach out to today's urbanized youth through music albums, stage shows and encounter programs. The band members get together regularly for practice and to deepen themselves in the Word of God.

The Ministry

Beside the mega 3 hour shows, the band also considers its Retreats for musicians, Music skill development programs for budding talents and life encounter programs as vital elements of its call. The band strongly believes that the music becomes relevant only when its quality and message brings about a genuine change of heart.

The Shows

The typical 3-hour Rex Band show is a mega extravaganza with psychedelic lights and powerful sound including music, presentations, choreography and theater performances by Living Vision, a premier Christian theater initiative. It works in tandem with the band to present the message of Jesus in a powerful and attractive way. Right across India, The Rex Band has performed over 500 shows opening up the hearts of young people to a new life in Christ.
Realizing that quality contemporary Christian music is scarce in the Indian music scenario, the band has endeavored to reach out music lovers through it's 11 albums in various languages. Roses in Winter, the latest album showcases the trademark sounds of the band from popular music to experimental fusion music.

For more details get in touch with us at:

The Rex Band
The Ark - Jesusyouth National Office,
3A - RDS Retreat, Kacheripady,
Kochi, Kerala, India
Tel: (91) 484 398581

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