Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Visa service to cost Dh40 at Dnata counters

Visa service to cost Dh40 at Dnata counters
By Mary Nammour and Zoe Sinclair (Our staff reporters / KHALEEJ TIMES)

DUBAI — A new service to be provided soon by Dnata for delivery of entry permits for residency and visit visas to the airports will cost Dh40, a Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) official told Khaleej Times yesterday.

However a Dnata spokesperson did not confirm the fee increase and said details would be provided later.

The DNRD official said that a new task force was being formed comprising members of DNRD and Dnata to define the implementation details of the new agreement signed on Sunday. "The agreement will be implemented in phases. We'll be elaborating on the implementation process in due course," the official noted.

"Under the agreement, Dnata will be delivering entry permits for residency and visit visas to the airports located in Dubai thus sparing the customers the time and effort of worrying about lodging the visas at the airport," the official noted.

He added: "Dnata is already operating at the Dubai International Airport. The new deal comes to expand Dnata services. It expands the nature of its services and areas of its operations."

The DNRD official justified the Dh40 fees for delivery and service charge. It is to be divided between DNRD and Dnata.

A Dnata spokesperson confirmed this.

"Dnata has for several years provided a service at Terminal 1 which allows for the lodging, delivery and cancellation of visas," a Dnata spokesperson said.

"The service is currently available at Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport and this agreement will see the opening of new counters. The location of these new counters will be officially announced later.

"Any fee increase would be announced separately and would be line with service enhancements."

According to the agreement, Dnata will deliver all types of entry permits at the airports in the emirate. A counter will also be opened at the DNRD for receiving visas and delivering them at its offices at the airports.

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