Monday, June 23, 2008

You Create Your Environment

You Create Your Environment
Monday June 23 2008 10:47 IST ENS

HAVE you ever had a situation where you hear a knock at your door and you close your eyes and ears? I doing so, you are committing a great mistake, for it could be an opportunity.

Opportunities come and knock at your door at least once in a lifetime for everyone. But only few realise that it was an opportunity. Only very few have a dream in their life, and out of those who have dreams, only very few take action, and out of those, again very few have belief in their dreams and confidence in themselves and out of them, only very few are focused and consistently persistent. But they are the people who make history in this world.

Generally most people live with the belief that they never come across any opportunity in life! Though they find some opportunity they believe that either the time is not right or they are not fit to grab the opportunity.

They believe that luck never favours them and blame their destiny for everything. They might blame society, their parents for not putting them in the best schools, their superiors for not providing them the right chances, their family for not providing the right atmosphere at home etc. I have seen people living distressful lives cursing everyone around them, even the Prime Minister and the President of the country.

They believe or try to make themselves believe that all their problems in life are caused by other people and their situations. Why do people think so? Is it because of the education they received at school and college? Is it because of the influence of the family in which they have been brought up?

It is often said that you are the product of your habits and your beliefs. Your habits and your beliefs are the product of your environment. So your environment decides what you are. Now the question is, who decides the environment? Most people believe that they have no influence on the environment, as it is created by others, beginning from the attendant in the office to the President of the country.

There is nothing you can do about it and you are HELPLESS! But we always blame the environment as we believe that it has a high influence on us, though we have no influence over it.

Sajeev Nair Leading entrepreneur with Amway Corporation, Chief Mentor of Mind-Parlour and an International success coach.

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