Monday, June 30, 2008

Weather warning

Weather warning
Monday 30 Jun, 2008 By Paul McLennan for 7DAYS

Freak weather could endanger the lives of anyone swimming in the sea or trekking in the desert, Dubai Police have warned. Colonel Mohamed Jasim Al Zaabi, director of the Ports Police Station, issued a “cautionary advisory” informing residents and visitors about potential weather changes. He urged people to be careful when going to the beach or visiting the desert or hilly areas.

Al Zaabi also warned people not to swim at night when the sea becomes rougher. The colonel advised people not to go to remote, unsupervised beaches, which may have hidden dangers such as strong currents or whirlpools. Weather conditions are expected to change constantly over the coming days, meaning anyone going sailing should first inform the operations room at Dubai Police.
“This will make it easier for the police to find them in case of any accident,” Al Zaabi said.

Meanwhile, residents thinking of taking a summer holiday away from Dubai are being urged to secure their homes to prevent a possible burglary. Police officers will step-up their presence “to enhance the feeling of safety and security during absence of the public, and to prevent crimes before they happen by decreasing the chances of burglaries”.

Lientenant Colonel Jamal Al Jallaf, director of Criminal Surveillance Department, said the Criminal Investigation Department, has prepared an intensive security plan for the summer and will deploy more officers in markets and residential areas during this time. He urged the public to call Dubai Police’s operation room or the nearest police station with any “security observations”.

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