Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now you don't need water for carwash!

Now you don't need water for carwash!
By Zoe Sinclair (Our staff reporter)GULF NEWS 11 June 2008

DUBAI — Residents can now clean their cars without using a single drop of water after a waterless car-cleaning product was launched in the country.

The UAE franchise of the product, Go Green, developed and approved in Australia, launched it here on June 1 with plans to make the service available across the city within the next two months.

Go Green managing director Ali Fadlallah said the service had attracted a lot of attention when it was displayed and demonstrated at the Facilities Management Expo at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre which concluded yesterday.

Fadlallah explained that the all-organic water-free service, provided by Able Facilities Management, cleaned, polished and waxed, preventing damage from pollution elements, salty air and tar.

Saad El Zein, Managing Director of Able Facilities Management, said the product was of environmental importance.

"Research shows that 200 litres of water is used to wash one car, water that should be saved for more important things," said El Zein.

"Here in the UAE, cars need more care and cleaning due to the dust and extreme heat, meaning they are washed more frequently than in other countries.

"As more and more cars join the UAE's roads, it becomes increasingly important to preserve water as it is a precious resource and our 'Go Green' product doesn't use any water or chemicals that harm the environment," El Zein continued.

Able FM hopes to attract property developers by offering a cleaning service within their garages, an option that is currently not available due to the restrictions of water-based maintenance, such as limited drainage areas.

Fadlallah said the product was not available on the shelf but the service would cost about the same price as a car wash at a service station.

"We will have it available at service stations across Dubai and there's also been interest from cleaning stations and mall stations," he said.

'By the end of July there'll be at least one facility in each suburb and we'll be mobile too.

"We intend to go not only here but regional."

The Dubai Municipality is in the process of approving the product while support is being sought from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority in line with its message of water conservation.

An EPPCO official confirmed Go Green was planned for the service station at The Gardens this month and then a roll-out of the service at selected centres across Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Able FM was nominated in the innovation category of the FM awards at the Facilities Management Expo for Go Green.

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