Saturday, October 16, 2010

Short Take - GULF TODAY - 16.10.2010 - Lost in E-World

Short Take - GULF TODAY - 16.10.2010 - Lost in E-World

Lost in e-world

I was at a traffic signal adjacent to a prominent housing colony in our city. A child playing alone at the footpath, very adjacent to the road caught my attention suddenly.

When I looked around, I saw her mother immersed in a telephone conversation on her mobile. A few distances away, I saw her nanny, with a pet dog with its lace in one hand and she was too fully lost in her mobile world talking with someone.

From the looks of both of them, I realised, they were waiting for another child’s return from her school. I suddenly thought about the plight of the dog as well as of the little child. Both caretakers were totally away from the existence of these two wonderful living beings.

Are we all now lost in a mobile and e-world? Pure affection, once used to be there, seemed to be drifting away from our real life.

The signal turned green and I had to take time out from my thoughts and get back to the life ahead on road.

Ramesh Menon

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