Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Letters - GULF NEWS - Dt. 03.10.2010 - Dedicated area

My Letters - GULF NEWS - Dt. 03.10.2010 - Dedicated area

Dedicated area

This is in reference to a recent community report about jet skis at public beaches. It was an eye-opener regarding the danger it can cause to swimmers who use the beach. Frequent accidents caused due to deliberate and inadvertent attempts to drive powerful vehicles have resulted in their restriction at public beaches in Abu Dhabi. This calls for uniform implementation of such rules in all emirates whenever a life-threatening situation is identified in one of them, as rules are implemented to control it. There should be separate options that are exclusive to water sports and those who indulge in it should limit themselves within their allotted area.

From Mr Ramesh Menon
Abu Dhabi

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