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Exploring Abu Dhabi - through clicks and writes - Emirates Palace Hotel

Exploring Abu Dhabi - through clicks and writes - Emirates Palace Hotel

Abu Dhabi Corniche decorated for the Red Bull Air Race

Starting today, I will try and submit my collection of Abu Dhbai as I traveled around the city. Looking at the collection, I feel, I haven't explored even one third of it. Thought of creating a daily sequel, which will be an inspiration to know and learn more about this beautiful city I live.

Emirates Palace Hotel - Dome

Emirates Palace Hotel Dome

The seven star hotel shows the beauty of Arabian culture. Traditional decor is used inside mostly in silver, gold, marble and glass mosaics. The chandeliers are made of Swarovski crystal. There are 114 domes (including the Grand Atrium which is higher than the dome of St.Peter's Basilica in Rome), 200 fountains, the luxurious and technologically advanced Conference Centre, The marvellous Blue Salon and so on. The simplest suite is called Palace Suite. Each of them contains at least three rooms and a 61" plasma screen.

There are 302 grand rooms in Coral, Pearl and Diamond categories with a floor area of 55 square meters. The high-quality elegant rooms are furnished to the highest level comfort so hotel guests can relax in total luxury including a 24-hour butler service. The Gulf Arab royalty has a reserved separate floor. The hotel is also the official guest place of Abu Dhabi's government with 22 three-bedroom suites capable of hosting for each heads of state and their entourages.

Being one of the word's most prestigious hotels, Emirates Palace is a popular place for dignitaries and celebrities. With its beautiful view and incredible luxury, the hotel became the crowning glory of Abu Dhabi.

Some of the famous people who have set food on the Palace are Bill Clinton, Robert de Niro, Will Smith, Lawrence Fishburne, Michael Jackson, many golf superators, FIFA World Cup Champions and also lots of sport celebrities as the hotel has 70 football pitches.

Emirates Palace offers palatial restaurants which bring the world's finest cuisines. Gourmet meals for example exquisite seafood of the Sayad and magnificent view of the Gulf gives fabulous experience for the visitor. The Caviar Bar is also popular because of its world class champagne menu and caviar selections with live traditional music.

The construction began in December 2001. Architects were Wimberly Allison Tong and Goo (WATG), who are among the leading hospitality designers worldwide. Unique structure comprises a Palace section with the top suites, two wigs with guest rooms and the Conference Centre. The colours of the building reflect the different shades of the Arabian Desert. Interior design is made by KY&A. Emirates Palace employs around 2000 staff members from at least 50 nationalities.

For more information, please visit Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

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