Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Volvo nights for travellers to Bangalore - A Suresh Kallada concern

Volvo nights for travellers to Bangalore - A Suresh Kallada concern

Vow! Impressive array of latest VOLVO buses from various districts of Kerala to Bangalore and other destinations daily evening.

It is a beauty to watch these beautiful buses at night. Gone are the days of Ashok Leyland's who ruled the road. A few years ago, travel agencies like Madina, KPN etc lined up with latest Ashok Leyland buses for the benefit of travellers to Bangalore. Even now, they are there, but most travellers prefer now the luxurious Volvo buses. Whether the government repair the road or not, if you are in a Volvo, your journey is comfortable. And a smooth drive is ensured by these travels.

A Suresh Kallada Concern is one such operator who has several buses on this route and as the name denotes, the quality buses and it's drivers make sure every passenger has a smooth journey each time they choose.

One way journey costs in these buses cost around Rs. 900 from Ernakulam, whereas the Karnatak State buses charge around Rs. 600/- On week-ends and holidays, seats are very hard to find as they are pre-booked well in advance. Train fare on these route is half the amount but again, booking has to be done well before. During holidays and festivals the rate increase will be between 300 to 500 per ticket.

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