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Short Take - GULF TODAY - Dt. 14.08.2010 - New Age Pets

Short Take - GULF TODAY - Dt. 14.08.2010 - New Age Pets

New age pets
If someone asks what is the most inseparable electronic gadget one loves to carry, you will easily be told by one and all that it is a mobile phone. Many times, we get to see people go crazy over this gadget and disobeying instructions and carrying out their conversations irrespective of the danger it could bring out to him or others near.

During my recent visit to India, I witnessed such an incident when a gentleman inside the flight kept on talking on his phone even after the pilot’s instructions came on for take off. He chose not to listen to the instructions of the staff and kept on talking of some silly business transactions he was able to carry out during the recent times. Co-passengers had to literally force him to switch off his mobile. Probably, every one had in their mind the recent air traffic tragedy at Mangalore.

In another incident, I was visiting a relative. As we were received and led inside the sitting room and started conversation, the host sat in front of us in his sofa.

Next to him lay, two phones, and as he talked to us, he was checking the phones one after another. It went on to an extent that we felt his mind was not there with us as he just tried casually to get in and out of the conversation happening without actually involving himself. Curious to know what was that urgent thing that kept him distracted continuously, I came to know that he was responding to his emails on one and on the other, he was doing online queries and trading. I was thinking of the earlier days, when pets used to sit near and the owner patted them and as they expressed their affectionate emotions enjoyed by all around.

Now, the new age pets converse with the owner only as others watch helplessly.

Ramesh Menon

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