Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fine tune your skills with FFS

Fine tune your skills with FFS
Tuesday July 1 2008 21:14 IST EXPRESS NEWS SERVICE

First Finishing School, a Corporate Finishing School based in Chennai is offering various programmes for emphasising cultural studies and prepares students especially for social activities. At FFS, the trainee trains himself/herself in the vital aspects of organisation that he/she is expected to pick up in the first two-three years of career. Thus, First Finishing School is a bridge between education and a promising career.

Corporate Finishing Schools aim to build the skills and characteristics that a fresher is expected to possess before he/she starts a career. Such skills include, presentation, business etiquette corporate induction et al. These training would also be sector specific, which is, training the students on the soft skills and getting them ready to certain aspects of those sectors where they are expected to work. For example, if a student wishes to work in the retail sector, the student would be trained in the nuances of customer service, merchandising and stock management.

FSS also offers training pro g rams that act as a career enhancer for the corporate entrants, executives and professionals through its Corporate Finishing Programme. First Finishing School can be contacted at 43114401, 43114701 or

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