Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exploring careers with a graduation in Animation technology

Exploring careers with a graduation in Animation technology
Monday July 14 2008 21:14 IST

Graduating with animation Animation is no longer viewed as mere entertainment for children and is now a mainstream educational degree that provides opportunities for thousands of youngsters to carve out a career for themselves. Animation finds application across different for ms of Media - Film, TV, Gaming, Special Effects, Medical Sciences, E-learning and many such streams. Being an inimitable combination of traditional art and modern technology, animation throws up diverse and very fulfilling career options. While masterful creativity and computer proficiency are assets in themselves, the industry today needs professionals who have grasped the different aspects of animation and have a holistic view towards them. And the key differentiator separating the mediocre from excellent is formal education.

A recent NASSCOM report has estimated that the country will need more than 3 lakh skilled professionals by 2008. With a projected growth rate of 24 percent, the Indian animation industry can to grow to $869 million by 2010.

Foreign companies are now outsourcing animation jobs to India because of cheap and efficient manpower available here.

Manipal University aims to fill this need with their fulltime degree program which is a B.Sc in Animation. This Degree in Animation is a 3-year full-time course which equips its graduates with the skills and experience to excel in the industry . The course provides extensive training in traditional classical skills and modern digital technology .

Tradition & Modern technology Today animation combines traditional animation skills with computing power and Hi-end software to give life like effects.

The syllabus of BSc Animation is designed with this in mind. It approaches the modern technology needed in animation with the mind of the traditional art. The syllabus provides extensive training in traditional classical skills and teaches you to exploit the potential of modern digital technology to make your creations come alive like the way you imagined.

The Degree program continues to emphasize on fundamentals like life drawing, perspectives and more specialized skills like character design and development. The syllabus prepares you for the challenges as a digital animator in the animation, film, television, advertisement and computer graphics industries in the following ways:

With a world class lab equipped with Apple work stations and a drawing studio and the class room handled by experienced professionals coupled with career and life skill workshops helps strike a balance between theory and practical training. The campus houses one of the best libraries in the country, with hundreds of books on animation and a Preview Theater for movie studies. All Major Animation studios across India offer placement opportunities.

Campus: 28563865

Email: animation@manipalu.com

Website: www.manipal.edu/animation

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