Monday, July 28, 2008

Solar eclipse on Friday

Solar eclipse on Friday
28 July 2008

ABU DHABI - UAE Astronomy Society has announced that the UAE, Gulf residents and other countries in the region will view partial solar eclipse on Friday. The eclipse will cover Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, eastern parts of Saudi Arabia and northern parts of Jordan and Palestine.

Mohammed Shokat Awda, Chairman of the Islamic project for moon sighting, said the eclipse will take place in the UAE from 2.45pm- 4.10pm. Viewers must use proper observation equipment to protect their eyes. In Dubai, the eclipse will reach it's maximum around 1127 GMT and will cover about 15 per cent of the sun. The best place to see the eclipse is near. Nadym in central Russia, where the eclipse will be almost total. The total phase of an eclipse looks like the onset of a rapidly darkening sky whose appearance resembles evening twilight about half an hour after sunset. Go to to see an interactive Google map of the eclipse. This map allows the user to sellect any portion of the path and to zoom in using either map data or Earth satellite data. You will also find a link with tips on how to photograph the eclipse.

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