Saturday, September 4, 2010

Passionate Photographers 2000 members and 7795 photos…Our journey continues

Passionate Photographers 2000 members and 7795 photos…Our journey continues

Dear Passionate Photographers,

2000 members and 7795 photos…

I am very happy to write to you today that we have reached 2000 members. As the name denotes, it is a small community passionate about photography. Thus, as a member, you may not get to see many communication to cheer or responses each time when you contribute out of Passion from fellow members. They may be keeping their comments within, out of sheer enjoyment or as pride possession of the value of their words.

Therefore, be inspired by yourself, be proud of your creativity and continue to click confidently and exhibit at Passionate Photographers group without inhibition. The moment it is displayed here, it will get noticed and will be enjoyed by one and all.

Like the goods train in this picture, let us all continue our journey here slow and steady. I repeat the golden words that came to my mind when I created this group. “Every photo clicked is a history. You will never be able to re-create that precious moment.”

Dedicate this group to all those who are passionate about photography. Invite them and encourage them to present their precious clicks.

Best wishes to all of you on behalf of all the Admin team members,

Ramesh Menon

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