Monday, September 13, 2010

Bus services for a city on the move - My Letters - THE NATIONAL - Dt. 13.09.2010

My Letters - THE NATIONAL - Dt. 13.09.2010 - Bus services for a city on the move

Bus services for a city on the move
It has been 27 months since Abu Dhabi Department of Transport started its brand-new, world-class, handicap-accessible buses.

Within this short time, it has grown into a service consisting of 12 main city bus routes and seven suburb bus routes extending its reach up to connecting town centres like Bani Yas, Shahama, Mussaffa and Khalifa City.

Public acceptance of this economic mode of transport can be clearly seen in the rush during peak travel hours. This is particularly the case on city routes that are fully packed to the limit with passengers.

This acceptance of public transport is very encouraging in terms of reducing the city traffic but at the same times calls for an upgrade on the frequency of buses operating within the city, especially on routes operating within the main city streets.

I request that the Abu Dhabi Department of Transportation initiates more bus services during peak hours to ease the travel difficulties of passengers in Abu Dhabi.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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