Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Desktop PC's available for social / individual cause

Dear Friends,

Coming to you all with an update of social interest.

I have few Desktop PC's available in good/working condition. They are of the following configuration:

Intel PIV 3.2+ GHz
80 or 40 GB HDD
512 or 1 GB RAM
15" or 17" CRT Monitor
Keyboard \Mouse
XP Pro
If any of you interested to avail this opportunity for the purpose of utilising it for the functioning of charitable/social organisation or school libraries, kindly contact me urgently on e-mail :

You may have to provide details of the organisation and a request letter from it on it's letterhead signed by the responsible authority to collect it.

It will be provided free of cost to those deserving organisations/individuals (if any).

The PCs have to be collected from Abu Dhabi.

To all the Talent Share members, please continue to post your creative work. I am reading / viewing them. Not posting the comments because, it is an extremely busy period. But, I appreciate your good work and request you to look forward to more opportunities for you in the near future.


Ramesh Menon

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