Monday, August 11, 2014

Tragedy of life - Gulf Today - Short Take - Dt. 09 August 2014

Tragedy of life

Life passes by very quickly. At times many of us undergo a series of unexpected tragedies all at the same time. For a favourite colleague of mine Paulita and her husband Adrian, it was one such time during last year.

A cancer fighter, her condition aggravated and she had to undergo a series of major treatment.

She was recovering and it was at that time the natural tragedy happened and her entire village was destoyed. Along with it 18 of their immediate relatives!

Massive efforts were coordinated by her forgetting her own health condition to rehabilitate those who survived.

Time passed by quickly and it is time for her to go back on leave.

It is at this time she is feeling the magnitude of what happened. With houses yet to complete and essential facilities still not reconstructed, life is not going to be easy for some time.

In a way when we look at things happening in our life, it is true that all good things can be destroyed in a flash but to reconstruct the goodwill it is never easy and requires lot of hard work, determination, dedication and sustained effort.

I take this opportunity to salute all good human beings like Paulita who do selfless efforts forgetting their own personal hardship.

Ramesh Menon

Short Take, Gulf Today 9 August 2014

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