Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mridanga Mela by Korambu Mridanga Kalari

Mridanga Mela by Korambu Mridanga Kalari

Mridangamela ( Mridangam Symphony) is the result of the innovative mind aesthetic sense in the mastro korambu subramaninan Nambootiri.

Korambu Mridanga Kalari was founded by Sri Korambu Subramanyan Namboodiri in the year 1980. The founders of this institution are also compemplating establishing centers in European countries taking advantage of the available information Technology and internet facilities. Korambu Subramayan Namboothiri started the art form Mridangamela which is the masterpiece of Korambu Mridanga Kalari. The institution targets cultivating the potential of the students to perform kacheri and do the pakkamelam to the classical dance like Bharathanatyam through one year coursed. By performing the mridangamela students develop qualities like self-confidents, self-respect etc. The main feature of KMK is to develop young students to perform stage Programmes.Sri Vikraman Namboodiri, son and gifted disciple of Subramanyan Namboodiri is the present Director and chief instructor of the kalari.

Korambu Mridanga Kalari is now started online Mridanga classes. The aim of this online mridanga class is to popularise. The art form “Mridangamela” which is a master piece of Kurumba Mridanga Kalari.

Goulren Appepry (france) Fabienne Joubaud (france) visited Korambu Mridanga Kalari,Irinjalakuda


The Director
Vikraman Namboodiri
Korambu Mridanga Kalari
Nada, Irinjalakuda, Thrissur District, Kerala State INDIA PIN: 680121

Mob: +91 9349855088
+91 9249122037( 0ffice) 0480 2833857



Dubai : 00971 557758718 - Preethi Sathesh

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