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Noble deeds - Gulf Today - Short Take Dt. 19 July 2014

Noble deeds

Many a time, I have felt that we have no control over happenings in our day-to-day life. But, when I rethink, I strangely find that we do have a major role in all of them. It is just that we don’t realise the possible intervention angle.

A close friend fighting cancer since a long time passed away last week. He left us as if a job half done and half spoken about. During the final days of his life, he was not in a conscious state. Attending the funeral, I heard his brother mentioning to someone that my friend never ever expected it to happen so fast.

He might have left this world, family and friends with untold miseries. When I look at it, his noble deeds to the community weigh more in terms of hidden wealth to the society and generation that looked upon him.

He was a community person and always believed in highlighting the issues affecting the society either directly or through the press. Several times, we exchanged topics and discussed them. Published and unpublished efforts of his silent societal involvement are many. That is what will leave him immortal in the days ahead in the eyes of all.

My late friend PC Ummer was a man with a mission. At any available opportunity, he was there at the India Social and Cultural Centre Abu Dhabi and other social organisations to share his knowledge and expertise, participating in summer camps and other activities.

Ramesh Menon

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