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Super Star Nite in Abu Dhabi - Friday, 01st August 2008 - a memorable evening

Super Star Nite in Abu Dhabi - Friday, 01st August 2008 - a memorable evening

Super Stars Nite in Abu Dhabi - inaugural ceremony - Chief guest - Smt KPAC Lalitha with sponsors and organisers of the event.

Sri Regi Mannel introducing the Super Stars to the audience.

Super Stars in UAE - Rashmi, Praveen, Latha, Ratheesh, Roopa and Anand.

Praveen on stage.

Roopa and Ratheesh.

Fully packed National Theatre Auditorium in Abu Dhabi.

Roopa and Praveen.

Super Stars interacting with children.

Super Stars rocking for the final time on stage with audience for this memorable evening. I am sure this will be the beginning of a series of successful programme for these young talents and may get to perform many more such packed venues in INDIA, UAE, OMAN, BAHRAIN, QATAR, KUWAIT and other parts of the world.

Let us look at the details of the show as it evolved.

Vow!!! Reality Stars in Real. Amazing performance by the team of Anand, Roopa, Ratheesh, Praveen, Latha and Rashmi.

The 2000 plus seat National Theatre Abu Dhabi was full - a surprise to many of us considering the summer holiday period. What would have been the scenario if this programme was held during normal time?.

Full round of applause to Anand and team for their good preparation and execution of the programme from start to end. Every one enjoyed the programme to the full.

A surprise was in store for them and for all when the show was inaugurated by Smt. KPAC Lalitha.

Sri Reji Mannel, famous radio presenter based in UAE compered the show.

Anand was the first one to be introduced, then followed by Rashmi Vijayan, Praveen, Latha Krishnan, Ratheesh and finally Roopa. The introduction itself brought variety as the singers mixed with the audience and came out from amongst them when introduced.

They sang 28 songs in the following order:

1. Ratheesh - Hrudaya sarassile

2. Roopa - Aa nimishathinte

3. Roopa/Ratheesh - Odakkuzhal Vilikketto

4. Latha - Maarghazhi Thinkallallava

5. Anand - Voh Lamhe

6. Praveen - Oru Pushpam Mathramen

7. Praveen/Roopa - Akale Akale Neelakasam

8. Rashmi - Chandralekha from Thiruda Thiruda

9. Ratheesh - Sankrutha pamakari

10. Roopa - Minsaara poove poove

11. Ratheesh/Praveen - Padakaali chembada from Yodha

12. Roopa/Anand - Muthumazha konchal pole

13. Praveen - Pramadhavanam

14. Rashmi - Rasikira vanra

15. Latha - Oo mama mama chanda mama

16. Roopa/Latha - Kasthoori Thailamittu vala kilukki

17. Ratheesh - Kadukkittu varuthoru from Hallo

18. Praveen/Rashmi - Muthal Murai Janal Thuranthathai

19. Anand / Roopa - Karuppanu kayyala

20.Ratheesh/Latha - Mambazhama mambazham

21. Roopa/Latha/Rashmi - Aarumukhan

22. Anand/Roopa/Ratheesh/Praveen/Latha/Rashmi - Pennale, Pennale, Karimeen Pennale from Chemmeen

23.Anand/Latha - Ram bam bam Ram bam bam perimbam

24. Rashmi - Mayya mayya. Too neel samundar hai

25. Anand/Rashmi - Theri ankhem bhool bholayya

26. Praveen/Latha - Madhuraikku pokamedi

27. Rashmi/Anand - Kannum kannum maafia

28. Final songs - Melodious medley of several hit Hindi/Tamil/Malayalam mix by all 6 Super Stars.

Irrespective of age, everybody was dancing - so much fun filled moments that when Rashmi announced her song Mayya mayya - audience replied by saying that Vayya vayya. Ratheesh and Roopa were applauded each time when they came on stage. Praveen and Latha mesmoriesd the audience with their numbers. Anand - a total leader - held on to the steering and controlled it very well. Not to leave out Rashmi - if you ask a question - who will be the next Usha Uthup - we have an answer - Rashmi Vijayan from UAE. Overall, it was a memorable musical evening which one and all present in the packed National Theatre Abu Dhabi auditorum will remember for ever.

A very big thanks to KERALA SOCIAL CENTRE organisers for inviting them to Abu Dhabi to perform in live and real. I am sure their objectives for social cause were also duly achieved by this event.

Let this be the golden beginning for these young talents and May God bless them all to give many more such venues and opportunities in future.

Ramesh Menon

And the videos:

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  1. Marvelous indeed! Thank you Rameshji for capturing the essence of the show and sharing it with all of us. For those of us who were fortunate to be part of the excellent musical treat, it was like reliving those wonderful moments.. for those who missed it..( what a big loss!!) it must be surely the next best thing, to go through the 'jhalaks' of the show through your write up and videos..

    I am sure the immensely talented and fiercely committed youngsters led by the energy pack Anand will go a long way! They fully deserve the support of all music lovers around the world.

    The efforts of the Kerala Social Centre ,Abudhabi is commendable in this regard and let us hope other members of the 'music- lover' fraternity will come forward to showcase the talents of these youngsters.
    Warm regards,