Saturday, February 1, 2014

Best wishes to a dear little one for a beautiful married life ahead

My writing has brought me several friends from various parts of the world. Many of them, I have never seen and know that I will never get to see. Still, we keep communicating with each other over several mutually interesting topics.
Strangely, some of them are in UAE and even known for a long time, but never met!.
Two weeks ago, I received a call from one such friend.
Hello, I am going on leave tomorrow. He continued; this time it is something special. 
I was curious to listen further. My daughter is getting married!

What? I asked him. 
One of the topics during our discussions were about our children and their education and progress. Suddenly, It was a surprise for me that, the little one we were talking all these time is now ready to take up an entirely interesting phase of her life.
Marriage and motherhood completes the transformation of a girl to women.
I wished him, his family and especially his daughter our prayers and blessings and conveyed our apologies to be not able to attend.
It also brought a bigger thought. My children are also growing up, although a few years younger, but they are getting ready to be there. Only difference is that they are boys. So, may be a few years more to wait. Who knows?
Is there any real difference these days to have a boy or a girl as child?
An interesting topic for you to think about. 

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