Thursday, June 14, 2012

Travel to India – during this week-end or this summer - Just forget it if you are an ordinary salaried Indian

Travel to India – during this week-end or summer - Just forget it if you are an ordinary salaried Indian. Yes, the time to e-travel yourself for your home needs in India has come. It is simply not possible to get a seat on an emergency basis, at an affordable ticket fare, for ordinary middle income group NRI from UAE. For low salaried, not to think about it even.

No seats available during this extended weekend to any of the numerous sectors from Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports. All the airlines, irrespective of whether they fly from Dubai or Abu Dhabi has no availability. Even the ones with one or two available seat, tickets are priced at AED 3200/- + on return and /or even single in some sectors for one seat. Even that is not available.

You ask Mumbai, no seats, you ask Madras - no seats, you ask Bengaluru - no seats, you ask Kochi - no seats... Or, higher economy seats priced above AED 2500/+ range for one way.

With Airline pilots on strike, continuing and new flights getting cancelled every other day and with Kingfisher moving out, travel back home is a nightmare, especially if it is on an emergency.

Good wishes to Indian Aviation Minister, Indian Civil Aviation Authorities, Striking Staff of airlines, numerous NRI speakers, so called “we will do everything for you NRIs sayers”. For them, any available opportunity to visit, they have other International Airlines to fly them in on Business or First Class at whatever cost levied from the tax payers accounts.

Time has come for ordinary NRIs to upgrade themselves to e-PRESENCE mode for all their personal home visit requirements.

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