Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mind Speaks - The Art of speaking and Speaking from the Heart

Mind Speaks - The Art of speaking and Speaking from the Heart

I enjoy listening to speeches especially when it is about progressive matters in life. Attending the convocation ceremony of my son at Abu Dhabi Indian School, I got to listen some excellent speakers as they shared their
knowledge, experience and vision for the outgoing students of Class XII.

As usual, one speaker was outstanding in his speech. It was none other than Padmashree Dr. B R Shetty, Chairmain of ADIS Abu Dhabi. With his inimitable wit, simple language and concentration to fit in key points in between, he captivated the students and parents with several interesting topics within a short time. I always admire his speeches as he speaks from his heart and brings out important points in simple ways through example from his own life and work.

This has attracted me and whenever I get to listen to him, I video him talking. This routine followed this time too and I captured his speech in its full.

The programme continued and during the final speech, I realized, I have photographed all the speakers except Mr. Shetty. What to do? It was at this time that the speaker, a student highlighted the importance of his school life, the role of support staff and his memories and life at school and after, which he looks forward to. It brought in all the listeners, how the children visualize the world differently from adults. Listening to the young student, Mr. Shetty, suddenly got up from the dais and went to the event coordinator and requested her to give an opportunity to speak once again for a short time before the course completion certificates are distributed to the outgoing students.

Addressing the children for the second time he said, Dear Students, wherever you go and whatever you do afterwards, you should try and capitalize the experience and advantage of their study at ADIS Abu Dhabi, which is one of the best schools in the region and their stay in Abu Dhabi, which again, one of the best planned city in the region. They should be ambassadors of both the school and the city wherever they are. He requested them to visit the city their alma mater, whenever they get an opportunity to, and come back to the school, observe the new development and progress happening and requested to them to contribute to the welfare of the generation who are in it at that time. He advised them to take it as their own personal responsibility and commitment to the school.

Instant thought, reaction and action it was, but very valuable, not only for the children but all those who were present there.

It proved to be a blessing in disguise for me as I could then capture him while speaking and it completed my entire sequence of the evening, which was a very special day for me. It was my sons last day in school.

It is very rarely these days one get to listen to such motivating speeches and speakers who, without inhibition,  takes the pain to request for an opportunity to speak again and that too from their heart to express an afterthought of importance.

Thank you Shetty Sir, you made the evening more blessed for all.

Ramesh Menon

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