Saturday, July 31, 2010

Short Take - Gulf Today Dt. 31.07.2010 - Quest for knowledge

Short Take - Gulf Today Dt. 31.07.2010 - Quest for knowledge

Our knowledge and experience are the only things that, if passed on, will remain with the generations. All the other things, money, property, etc, will have a natural, timely or untimely death.

Knowledge passed on, by any means, will become immortal. It will be all the more, if it is through a creative medium. I was surprised recently to learn this when I happened to notice a painting, which I had created in 1999 and posted on a webpage created that time, now being used in a German site, where they explain in detail the thoughts and principles underlying that drawing. I was amazed and swept off.

I am writing this to all those who hold their reservations, either due to shortage of time or other reasons for not utilising a wonderful opportunity thrown in front.

This is not the old age situation that happened to Ekalavya, who learned the secrets of archery techniques from the legendary guru Dronacharya, by hiding behind the bushes. When he came to know that Ekalavya had learned more than what he had taught to his favourite student Arjuna, Dronacharya, asked for his thumb finger as the Guru Dakshina (fees) from Ekalavya.

Don’t worry, our science and technology is far and well advanced now. Give your thumb finger out to your gurus or mentors if they are asking for it, and share your knowledge, as we have many a new technology already ready to replace it better than the original one. Have no fear, and have no holds.

This is also a tribute to all those who work hard and do continuous education through various Distant Learning Programmes. They deserve a special applause for hard work and dedication put in to continue their quest for gaining knowledge, without forgetting commitments towards profession and family.

Thanks to all those professors and support staff who work hard to present and create a classroom atmosphere and provide quality materials at par with other universities worldwide for these knowledge seekers, who in normal case could not have done it without their efforts.

Ramesh Menon

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