Monday, February 15, 2010

My Letters - GULF NEWS - Student clocks up Dh356,000 in speeding fines

My Letters - GULF NEWS - Student clocks up Dh356,000 in speeding fines

Dubai: A Saudi Arabian student has clocked up fines totaling more than Dh356,000, a traffic official said on Sunday.

The fines started being issued in early 2008 until the present day, and the student was issued with more fines on a daily basis, according to Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Director, General Department of Traffic, Dubai Police.

Mostly issued for speeding, the student didn't take the 400 fines seriously, and consistently ignored them.

He was located and called into the Traffic Department, whereupon his vehicle and license were confiscated. He will have to pay Dh100,000 to release his vehicle.

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My online comments as follows:

Amazing to read this news. It is strange that there was no system to check and control his driving around until he accumulated such a huge fine. Well, he or rather his parents are generous to set aside a special budget for Traffic offense for their son. I am sure, there may be more such drivers around averaging either more or less his record. I hope the authorities do initiate a control measure to monitor fines getting accumulated to car registration plates and licenses and to put hold on their driving immediately and cease the cars and their licenses along with other measures to make sure he never sits behind the wheel here in UAE.

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