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No News 15th edition - KITs for success

No News 15th edition - KITs for success

Dear Friends,

Welcome to read the 15th issue of No News. I had an opportunity to attend an international conference a few days ago. It became another opportunity to meet two remarkable personalities.

Immediately after the lunch on day one was a presentation by the CEO of a company based in Washington. We all know it is very tough to get attention of the delegates during the session after lunch. His profile was very impressive as his personality. We noticed in the beginning itself that he was stammering and it was difficulty to speak at a stretch. It did not bother him at all. He took control of the situation and in few minutes gained momentum to give an Xxtra-ordinary presentation. Whenever he was feeling he will get stuck he diverted the attention of the audience by showing the details on the slide and then regained his momentum and continued from thereon. Next was the turn of a physically challenged expert with several Doctorates in her name. It took several minutes for her to reach the podium with the help of her electronic walker. All those limbs with limited movements were not a hindrance at all for her presentation style or content.

It created plenty of thoughts in my mind looking at them and the techniques they employed to reach their destinations till this time. Both were highly placed and if ever they had held themselves to their challenges?. They would not have moved an inch ahead in their life.

I have written here before also. English is not my mother tongue. I try using it in simpler ways to convey messages and thoughts passing by. Several progressive things evolved out during this journey of communication. Some of them have been significant from my point of view and wishfully list them here. They include the quality initiatives and numerous suggestions and write ups generated to create awareness on safety. The effort is a continuous socially conscious process and there are some other ongoing issues for which I am trying my best efforts.

One of them is to reduce the disparity of the salary structure of the school teachers and administrative staff with other government service employees within the country. Teaching is a noble profession and I feel there is lot more to be done in this country for the welfare of teachers and schools. Comprehensive insurance coverage to private and public school staff is one such item submitted and followed up with various TQM bodies of the government.

Another interesting request is to provide free utility services to educational institutions. This includes Water and Electricity and telecommunication services. I feel this will aid the schools and universities in the country to reduce the cost of education and therefore attract more students from abroad and also retain those existing here. There are some other items like introducing a bus stop near to the Bird market and ISCC Abu Dhabi for the convenience of general public visiting these places.

Last but not the least of the items on these suggestive communication is to restore the volcano fountain in to the scheme of developments of the new look Abu Dhabi.

It is interesting to continuously participate in progressive activities happening around. The loss and sufferings of a few friends and relatives due to different types of cancer really keep my objectives focussed. Life now is a race against time. The carcinogenic cells within a person knowingly or unknowingly attacks from nowhere and then hardly no time left. The need for speed is therefore to leave some good memories and deeds to the society we exist.

I would like to sincerely thank 4 children and their parents who participated in the Safety campign organised through the Talent Share initiatives. I deliberately did not disclose the detail of a beautiful gift hamper set aside for each one of the participating children. I am happy that there was response generated to this important initiative of social interest. The parents of these children are kindly requested to contact me and collect their gifts during the next week. It will be interesting for you all to visit the Talentshare blog and mark your comments on the safety thoughts of these children.

cbseplus is a new initiative started this week for the benefit of CBSE students studying in 11th and 12th.. We all know that eating of nutritious fruits will supplement the growth in our children. has been created to serve as a catalyst to the educational and career needs of students in addition to the relentless and devoted efforts of their teachers.
Team 1 blogs principle of “committed to continuous improvement” will be the mantra followed here and over a period of time children will get to read and learn a variety of Knowledge, Information and Talent with an intention to share them without any apprehension. Sustained effort will be made to make this site part of the several first hand KITs we currently have.

Padmashri Dr. B. R. Shetty was given a felicitation by all the major associations and community groups to honour him for the highest civilian award by India Government. During the function his son Mr. Binay Shetty was asked to say a few words about his father. He quoted his grandmother’s advise to his father. Don’t try to make everybody happy. Try to make 10 people happy and they will in turn try to make another 10 happy and the chain will progress. Padmashri Dr. B. R. Shetty has his own inimitable style of speaking. He speaks from his heart. He pointed out the visit to his mother’s tomb immediately after receiving the honour. It was an act done to dedicate the laurels to her and also to remind himself that blessings from the family and loved ones is the most important thing in life.

Almost the end of this write-up and did you notice a difference?. I have deliberately avoided usage of commas till now. Just tried how much additional effort is required to avoid the usage of commas as Colin Randall said in his write up for THE NATIONAL about the use and misuse of it. The world of communication is changing and it is not an easy task to follow traditional ways as the exchange of communication is getting shorter and shorter. Let us try to do our best efforts for the benefit of our society with the blessings of our parents, teachers and family. As Mrs. Sarah Belhasa rightly said in her interview with Wknd “You don’t need to see the entire staircase to know where it goes. Just take the first step. It will lead somewhere..”

Please do continue to vote for the photo below presently competing in the www.malayalamanoramaonline. com’s competition.

Direct links to important Quality initiative suggestion programmes existing in UAE are created in the site. It is to be noted that the suggestions on each of these focal points are well logged and immediately responded to by relevant authorities. Why not visit and give a try of your own TQM skills?

God Bless and have a great week ahead.

Ramesh Menon
02042009 / e-mail:

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